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Microsoft Partners can benefit from big financial gains and happier customers through selling well implemented Microsoft 安博电竞 ® 365 安博电竞 Central systems to their existing base. Despite the massive opportunity, it is not necessarily as easy as quickly upskilling a couple of consultants. Don't worry, 安博电竞 Consultants are here to help!

The 安博电竞 Central revenue opportunity

The 安博电竞 Central Opportunity

  • Only 1% of the M365 marketplace has been penetrated with 安博电竞 365.
  • 安博电竞 365 is seeing 35% YoY growth.
  • The license value compared to Microsoft 365 is high.
  • As 安博电竞 365 安博电竞 Central covers every area of a business’ operations, it will also improve customer loyalty.


What's 安博电竞 Central?

Microsoft 安博电竞 365 安博电竞 Central is the leading ERP solution from the software giant aimed at the SMB market. With financial management at its core, 安博电竞 Central helps to run every area of a company’s operations, including stock, warehousing, manufacturing, service management and more.

The flexibility and high level of configuration available means that it is perfect for most businesses. However, this means that 安博电竞 Central is a difficult product to add to your portfolio. Luckily, there is a solution!

A Packaged Implementation

We have a partner to partner opportunity to help Microsoft business applications partners add 安博电竞 Central to their offering. 安博电竞 Consultants has a packaged and modular implementation of 安博电竞 Central, meaning we can provide implementation of the product working on a lead referral or white label basis.

• Perfect for companies growing out of basic finance software or have disparate systems
• Flexible to grow with their business
• Standard 安博电竞 Central product
• Fast implementation

We call this Accelerated 安博电竞 Central.

Packaged 安博电竞 Central

Fixed Price and Scope

Preconfigured setup for 安博电竞 Central

Pre-configured setup

安博电竞 Central Training

1 to 1 Online Training

安博电竞 Central Support Desk

After Sales Support Desk

Need a more in-depth implementation?

For those customers that require an engineered to order solution, typically larger customers who are moving from outdated or feature lacking ERP solutions, we are still able to help. For customers that need more than Accelerated 安博电竞 Central, we are able to provide a full remote implementation, for which you would receive a referral fee as part of our agreement. 

How Do You Sell 安博电竞 Central?

安博电竞 Central, by its nature, is a very difficult product to sell and implement. Because you are dealing with every area of a business, from management, to finance, to sales, to operations and to aftersales support, the depth of knowledge of both industry and functionality is a lot to take on, and thus a massive investment. Through our Partner to Partner scheme, we provide different levels of services and offerings to help partners to add 安博电竞 Central to their portfolio. 

Marketing Assets

Market to new prospects and to your existing clients with ease, using our pre-prepared marketing campaign. Utilise web content, email campaigns and video demos to attract 安博电竞 Central customers. We will then provide the sales and implementation services whilst the user remains your customer. 


Sales & Marketing

If you would like a more in-depth involvement with the 安博电竞 Central project, you can become a Sales and Marketing partner. We will provide you with templates, tools and training to help you to market and sell ABC implementations. We will then provide the implementation services, but you retain the full relationship with the customer. 


Become a 安博电竞 Central Partner

Implement Your Projects

For the partner that wants to invest in taking on 安博电竞 Central as part of their products AND services, 安博电竞 Consultants can partner with you as a 安博电竞 Central mentor, providing guidance on top of the sales and marketing training. This will help you to supply ABC projects directly to customers, either as your end goal or as a stepping stone to becoming an independent 安博电竞 Central partner. 

Watch the latest P2P event

We recently held an event with Microsoft to present the benefits of a partner to partner relationship, as well as the 安博电竞 Consultants offering. 

Please feel free to watch the recording to find out about all of benefits. 

Click on the following link to register an interesting in the next event. 

Partner with us now!

We will provide training, sales and marketing packs to help your team get up and running quickly and successfully. 

Contact our team to discuss a partnership with 安博电竞 Consultants.

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