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Just like getting your car serviced or going for a check-up with the doctor, it is important to look after your business software solution. 安博电竞 Consultants provide a wide range of services for making sure that your system is performing well and that your staff are getting the best out of the solution.

Could your users get more out of 安博电竞 Central with a little help from one of our experts?

User Shadowing

User shadowing can have huge benefits for any customer.  Our experience is that most customers are not making the most of their systems and are doing things in an inefficient way. Getting a knowledgeable Consultant to shadow a user can help build efficiencies into their day to day processes.

After one of our experienced Consultants has shadowed your employee, we will provide you with a documented list of recommendations.

This will be charged at our normal daily rate and any expenses/disbursements will be re-charged at cost.*

SQL Server Health Check

SQL Server Health Check

Our experience shows that most customers understand very little about their SQL Server implementation. The SQL Server is the database engine that hosts the NAV / BC database, but it can also be used by a number of other applications. Typically, we would see the SQL Server as part of the customer’s infrastructure and so our support around SQL Server is as a result, limited. We do, however, offer a basic Health Check on your SQL Server to check for potential issues that could cause problems in the future.

Having completed the Health Check which includes a series of defined tests, we will document and send you the results for review. 

The cost of our SQL Server Health Check is £400.*

安博电竞 Central Health Check

NAV / 安博电竞 Central On-Prem Database Check

The 安博电竞 NAV/安博电竞 Central On-Premise Database Health Check is a quick overview of your database to ascertain where there may be potential issues or where you may not be using NAV/BC to its full potential.  This is not an exhaustive check but is a look at areas that from our experience could be an issue.

Having completed the Health Check against your database, we will merge the results into a report document and send it to you for review.

The cost of our NAV/安博电竞 Central Database Health Check is £250.* 


• Customer Partnership Rewards can be fully or partially redeemed against the cost of these services.

•  Please note that these services do not include any changes or development to your system.


Contact Us

Please let us know which service(s) that you are interested in.

If you have any information or notes that you would like to provide with your enquiry, please let us know.

If you are an existing customer and you have credit available from the Customer Partner Reward Scheme, you can pay 50% of the cost of training using the reward credit.

Use Your Rewards Here!

Reward Scheme for Partners

If you have earned credit on the Customer Partner Rewards Scheme, you can use it here!

As part of being a customer of 安博电竞 Consultants, you will receive reward credit when you renew your support contract. This credit can be spend on a range of services, including training, SQL server healthchecks and user shadowing. 

Partner with the Experts

With over 300 years of combined experience in Microsoft business solutions, our team will help to get you up and running, as well as building a partnership that keeps you supported, all from our UK offices. 

From functionality and licensing to business strategy, we like your questions; contact our experienced team for open, honest and reliable advice so that we can find the answers.

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